Serve An offer - How it works

Serve An offer is one of our latest innovation in the AdTech SaaS space. The core principle behind Serve An offer is to positively disrupt & change the way goods / services are bought and sold.

For Buyers - A buying platform where you can buy anything at the lowest price.

  • Buyer post what they want to buy @ lowest price on ServeAnOffer.

  • Each seller submits their lowest price offer to you on ServeAnOffer to win your business.

  • Buyer reviews offers on his SAO dashboard & purchases from the seller offering lowest price.

  • Buyer purchases at lowest price and saves a lot of money.

For Sellers - Connecting you to 'Ready to Buy' customer.

  • We connect you with ready to buy customers. Customers are seeking offers (deals) from you.
  • Sign up receive buying requests for your category
  • You submit your best offer (lowest price) to the buyer. You get charged only $1 to submit your offer to a buyer.
  • If you are lowest price, then buyer purcahses from you


Serve An offer is a subsidiary of Next Wave Disruptions (